Independent QA/QC Services for PV Power Plants Throughout the U.S.A.
PV Power Plant Quality Assurance for Safety, Performance and Durability
Consultation in PV Design, Construction,and O&M
Services for PV System Safety and Performance Optimization 
100% Client Focused
DC Testing Services
Acuity Power Group provides complete testing services for the DC side of PV systems
  • PV source circuit tests to IEC 62446-1
  • String and Module-level I-V curve tests
  • Performance and Capacity Tests to ASTM E2848 / E2939 and IEC 61724 
  • Infrared and Electroluminescence Imaging
  • Mobile weather station verification
  • Mobile testing laboratory services
Thousands of PV Systems Commissioned By Our Team
Leadership in the PV industry is our focus.
As the industry continues to grow at a mind-blowing pace, Acuity is there to ensure quality and performance is the priority with each and every project we engage. 

Our team's extensive experience and attention to detail is at the core of our success.

We are not just project focused, we are client focused - always working to ensure our services meet the unique needs of our clients, working together as a trusted partner.
Key information:
  • 100% Independent and Non-Biased
  • High Level of Experience in PV
  • Sr. PV Consultants are Highly Qualified and Experienced
  • PV Technicians Are Fully Trained
  • All Testing Services Are Performed to Internationally Recognized Standards
  • Inspections Are to NEC, Drawings, Manufacturer Requirements, and Industry Best Practices
  • Test Equipment is State-of-Art, Fully Calibrated, and Quickly Deployed.
  • Methodologies are Fully Proven
  • All Services Performed with the Upmost Integrity